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Postby KennyE » Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:15 pm

Hello..., I am KennyE; and I would like to welcome you to my post on using the Rodinal type process to make a “Panthermic Developer”.

Defender/Harvey 777 is made using the "ternary effect", which was first patented by Philips Petroleum 1924. And it would be used by many different companies in the years that followed. And many would use it in many different methods.

Yet we will be using the standard method of mixing dry powders together to get this wonderful film developer.

Like I stated before, there are many different methods of producing 777 or formulas that work very close to it. And this is a smart and ingenious way of producing a good “Panthermic Developer” with the good qualities of 4-Aminophenol HCI, Hydroquinone, and a special P-Phenylenediamine type reducer..., CD3; which is non staining and less toxic.

For further information about it, click on the link below. ... tvmlo.html

Thank You


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