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Darkroom Formulas App

for iPhone, iPad and Android

The Darkroom Formulas app contains an offline database with over 160 recipes for Film Developers, Print Developers, Toners, Intensifiers, Reducers and Alternative processes

Key Features:

  • Offline database - no internet connection required
  • Over 180 formulas included [view list]
  • Add, Edit & Share you own formulas
  • Powerful Volume Mixer adjusts all ingredients on-the-fly
  • Lifetime free updates, no ads, no add-ons

The easy-to-use interface allows you to view the recipes, copy or add your own. Each formula can be divided in up to three parts and each part can contain up to ten ingredients in ml, g, oz, drops, tsp or grains, allowing a total of up to 30 ingredients. Separate areas allow you to view/store specific Mixing Instructions, Dilution, Usage and Notes.

The built in Volume Mixer will adjust all proportions of any formula on-the-fly, allowing you to quickly mix the exact amount you need without needing to make any calculation!

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