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mdc timer

Massive Dev Chart Timer

Darkroom Processing Timer App for B&W Film Development

for iPhone, iPad and Android

The Massive Dev Chart is the world's largest film development chart with multi-step timer and darkroom support for Apple iPhone iOS and Android devices. The app contains the most complete, accurate and up-to-date development times for black and white films and developers (COLOR film users please see the Darkroom Lab Timer).

The smart and easy-to-use interface lets you adjust film development time automatically by temperature, store lists of your favorite customized film/developer combinations, modify preferred agitation schemes and find the correct volumes of liquid depending on the developer dilution.

The multi-step film development timer helps you to achieve consistent results, while convenient sound and visual notifications remind you to agitate your tank as you listen to your favorite music.

The Massive Dev Chart app is used by thousands of passionate black and white photographers around the world.

If you use a darkroom, or if you dev the odd roll at your kitchen sink, buy it.
Essential: 10/10

...solidly built and extremely well thought out app. Everything works in an extremely intuitive manner, and the audio reminders are extremely

The Massive Dev App... is well worth it. I highly recommend this iPhone

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The Massive Dev Chart in your pocket

The Massive Dev Chart database contained in the app is an offline copy of the original database from Digitaltruth Photo. The app is synchronized during application updates to bring you the latest development times.

Multi Step Timer

Automatically track development, stop bath, fixing, hypo clear, rinsing and photo flo, making sure your development results are always consistent. Split time A+B film development and fixing is supported for more complex scenarios where two development or fixing steps are required.

Sound Notifications

Convenient sound notifications tell you when your tank needs to be agitated while listening to your favorite background iTunes music. Define custom agitation schemes that suit your preferred development style.

Dilution Mixer

Dilution Mixer helps you to quickly compute necessary volumes of liquid needed to get properly diluted developer.

Temperature/Time Compensation

Temperature/Time Compensation effortlessly adjusts film development time according to your developer temperature. Degrees of Celsius and Fahrenheit are both supported.

Safelight Modes

Safelight Modes enable the use of the timer with simulated red or dark green themes. Designed for ortho/lith or paper processing, or film development by inspection.

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