Massive Dev Chart Timer - User Guide


How to Change the Settings

The DEFAULT SETTINGS are stored in the main iOS SETTINGS APP that has a gearbox icon. You must exit the Massive Dev Chart Timer and go to SETTINGS > MASSIVE DEV

default parameters

Settings: Default Parameters

Volume: Set the volume you most commonly use. For example, if you are using a Paterson Univeral tank any usually develop a single roll of 120 film, you would set this to the tank capacity of 500ml

Stop Bath: Set a standard time for Stop Bath

Fixing A: Set a standard time for Fixing

Fixing B: If you use a two-bath fixing technique, set a standard time for the second Fixer bath. Otherwise, set to zero.

Hypo Clear: Set a standard time for use with a hypo clearing agent (eg. Permawash, Kodak Hypo Clear). If you do not use any type of fixer remover you should set this to zero to eliminate the step.

Final Wash: Set your Final Wash time

Rinse Aid: Set a short time for addition of a Rinse Aid or Wetting Agent (eg. Photo Flo)

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