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Massive Dev Chart Timer - User Guide


The DEFAULT SETTINGS are stored in the main iOS SETTINGS APP that has a gearbox icon. You must exit the Massive Dev Chart Timer and go to SETTINGS > MASSIVE DEV

user interface

Settings: User Interface

Temperature Scale: Select Celsius (°C) or Farenheit (°F)

Volume Scale: Select milliliters (ml) or US fluid ounces (fl oz)

Countdown Timer: Enable this setting if you prefer the timer to countdown rather than show the elapsed time.

Brightness Warning: Turn off to disable the popup warnings. Be sure you have read the warning and understand how to use the red and green safelight modes before disabling.

Autostart Timer: Turn on if you want the timer steps to run automatically without user intervention. This feature is particularly useful if you are developing in complete darkness as you do not need to press any buttons once the timer has started

Interval Delay: Set the number of seconds (10-300) the timer will wait between steps. The Autostart Timer setting must be enabled for the delay to take effect. The Interval Delay will be applied to all steps.