november 06, 2017 10:10am

Silberra Films

1117silberra-cover.jpg Silberra has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help start mass production of their new analog films.

Russian pair Vladimir Vishnevsky and Konstantin Shabanov have been manufacturing chemicals for analog photography since 2009. In Spring 2017 they launched the Silberra brand and created a range of small batch panchromatic and orthochromatic films.

To participate in the crowdfunding visit:

For more information:

may 24, 2017 05:05am

Photokina Expands To Annual Event

0517photokina.jpg Photokina, the world's largest photo trade show, will now be held annually instead of every two years.

The next show will take place in September 2018, but subsequent shows will occur in May. To accommodate the more frequent schedule, Photokina will take place over four days instead of the previous week-long opening.

Photokina will also be expanded to include more diverse media and a wider range of image-related technologies.

More info: Photokina Press Release

january 07, 2017 05:07am

Kodak Ektachrome is back!

0117ektachrome.png Great news from CES in Las Vegas, where Kodak Alaris has announced plans to reformulate and manufacture Ektachrome color positive (slide) film for both the motion picture industry and still photographers.

The film is expected to become available in the fourth quarter of 2017 and will be available in 135-36 format for still photographic use.

More info: Kodak Press Release

december 08, 2016 10:49am

Analog Photo Gift Guide

12162016giftguide.png Looking for film photography gifts for the holiday season? We have gathered together some of the best offers to help inspire you here:

Analog Photo Gift Guide 2016

Want something even more unique?

Check out photo-related handmade craft items at Darkroom Rat

june 20, 2016 08:15am

NEW! Fisheye Lens App

0616fisheye.png Fisheye Camera : Wide Effect Lens is for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

A free fun app to create circular super-wide images. The app is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, making it a easy to create amazing fisheye photos with a single click.

Key Features:

Save to camera roll
Share on social media
Built-in filter fx

A great feature of the app is is that all filter effects are displayed live while you compose the image, so you can see the final result the moment you take the shot!

More info: Fisheye Camera : Wide Effect Lens

Get it free now: Download

may 20, 2016 04:54am

Adox Lupex Contact Paper

0516lupex.jpg A brand new paper, currently only available in Germany, Adox Lupex is a slow speed contact fiber paper made with a silver chloride emulsion, similar to Kodak Azo or Fomalux.

Unlike traditional papers designed for enlarging, contact paper is designed for placing a large-format negative directly on the surface of the paper. Lupex's slow speed allows for greater control of exposure and provides more time to burn or dodge.

More info:

Available from FotoImpex in Berlin:

april 22, 2016 07:15am

Photofusion Crowdfunding

0416photofusion-crowdfunding.png Photofusion, the darkroom and photographic hub based in Brixton Market in London, needs your help.

"After 25 years, we are gravely threatened by a combination of falling funding and rising rent. Please help us to move, survive, and carry on doing great work!"

Visit Photofusion online:

Or go directly to the crowdfunding site here:

march 23, 2016 09:48am

Photo Stickers

0316agitate-this-sticker.png Cool new film photography stickers from our friends at Indy Photo Coach who have plans to add T-shirts and other accessories in the future.

Stickers include:

Go Large Or Go Home
ISO Definition
E6 Love
Agitate This
I Heart C-41
Type 55 Withdrawal

Check it out here:

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