XR-1 (Formula B)

Speed increasing low contrast fine grain film developer

Distilled water750ml
Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous)30g
Borax (granular)0.5g
Distilled water to make1000ml
Mixing Instructions: Add chemicals in specified sequence.
Dilution: Stock, 1+1 (Fast film), 1+3 (Medium speed film), 1+9 (Slow film), 1+2 (Kodak HIE), 1+7, 1+22 (Technical Pan)
Usage: Starting point dev time: 12-20 mins (86F/30C)


This formula was obtained from the original patent document which lists two separate versions A and B. It is unclear as to which formula was used for the commercial version sold under the brand name Perfection XR-1.
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