High acutance film developer

Part A
Water approx 86F/30C800ml
Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous)35g
Water to make1000ml
Part B
Water approx 86F/30C800ml
Potassium Carbonate (crystals)75g
Water to make1000ml
Mixing Instructions: Add chemicals in specified sequence.
Dilution: 1+1+8


This is a variation of the FX 2 formula listed in The Film Developers Cookbook. This version omits stock Part C and should be mixed as follows: For Part A each chemical should be added in the sequence listed and should be allowed to dissolve fully before the next is added, however a pinch of the sodium sulfite should be stirred in prior to the Metol with the remainder following in sequence after the Metol is added. This solution should be filtered before storing.
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