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Massive Dev Chart Search Results

This data is for an OBSOLETE film and/or developer, please check the main chart for current versions.

Adox CHS 25Efke FR-161+192533320C
Adox CHS 50Efke FR-161+19503.53.53.520C
Adox CHS 100Efke FR-161+1910044420C
Agfapan APX 400Efke FR-14stock400111120C
Agfapan APX 400Efke FR-161+194006.56.520C
Efke 25Efke FR-14stock40(25)77720C[notes]
Efke 25Efke FR-161+192533320C
Efke 25Efke FR-E24stock100(50)11111120C[notes]
Efke 50Efke FR-14stock80(50)88820C[notes]
Efke 50Efke FR-161+19503.53.53.520C
Efke 50Efke FR-31+25033320C
Efke 50Efke FR-E24stock160(100)15151520C[notes]
Efke 100Efke FR-14stock10010101020C
Efke 100Efke FR-161+1910044420C
Efke 100Efke FR-31+210044420C
Efke 100Efke FR-E24stock250(160)18181820C[notes]

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