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It depends which film it is.

Cut off about 1' (30cm) of unexposed film and develop it for 5-10 minutes in full strength D76 (time does not need to be accurate). Fix and rinse.

You should now be able to see the edge markings (frame numbers etc) which are pre-exposed. Hopefully, you will find the name of the film along the edge and can then use the times listed in the Massive Dev Chart:

Alternatively, if the bar code indicates the film is 400 speed, then treat the first roll you shoot as a test and use the time listed for HP5+.

Since the times listed are 7.5 minutes for HP5+ and 8.5 minutes for FP4+, you can use the longer time for your test too, following the rule of thumb to err on the side of too much development rather than too little.
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