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Meritol: How to safely and correctly make it at home.

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:50 pm
by KennyE
One of the most informed persons on Meritol today, is Ian Grant. Yet his method of making a Meritol formula developer is not totally correct. For it is merely the mixing of PPD and Pyrocat type developing agents together, which is similar to mixing MQ or PQ developing agents. Though this method will provide you with a fine grain developer, it limits what you can exactly do with it.

Meritol is a totally different developer in its own rite. It is made by using the "ternary addition compound" process, which was pioneered in 1924 by Philips Petroleum. It was soon to become a process copied by hundreds in the years that followed its discovery, which includes Johnson and Sons among the many.

There are many different ways to do the Philips Petroleum process..., and all of them will give you good..., to excellent results.

For more information on Meritol, click on the following link. ... ritol.html

Thank You