You are Smart, You are Kind, You are Important

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You are Smart, You are Kind, You are Important

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Photography was not created by Professionals..., it was created by Amateurs. In fact, some of the most important items in our lives were created in someones kitchen or garage.

There are thousands of photo amateurs out there, that are highly intelligent and very knowledgeable about the subject of Photography, and I want to hear from you. I want to know what you are thinking about photography and why.

With so many firms and companies going out of business or ending many of their product lines. We are finding ourselves in the pond, on our own.

Johnson and Sons, Agfa, Ansco, GAF, FR, DuPont, just to name a few; are out of business or no longer supplying the photographic community with products. Paterson, also, no longer produce chemicals products and Ilford and Kodak have cut back or have ended many of their product lines. And it is almost impossible to find a fairly priced enlarger. And there are no new film cameras of professional quality being produce and those that are produced, are extremely expensive, or are of the "lomo toy cameras" types. Which are also, overpriced.

I feel that most, if not all of us..., have ideas for creating good, if not; great things. You need to be expressing yourselves and sharing your ideas. I know that there are persons/people on the net, that will make fun of us. But they are merely shallow people, without dreams or ideas. And are content to be just blindly lead followers.

But I want to hear your ideas, no matter what they may be. And I will not make fun of you. So please PM me, any time. I look forward to hearing from all of you.


You are Smart, You are Kind, and You are Important

Thank You


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