Taking up the 'Old FP3 Challenge'

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Taking up the 'Old FP3 Challenge'

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I was sent a cassette of October 1952 Ilford FP3 to see what I could get out of it. I did a short length test first and found it was 10 ASA. I used Crawley's Formula FX-4 1974 version 1+1 for 9 mins @ 20oC but it was over-developed so CUT time to 7 mins for following tests. I also tried 'Acutol-S FX-15 1+1 Formula' you can see the results and story here :
Got COMPUTERISED and 'slightly Digitised Pentax K10D' but FILM STILL RULES !

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Re: Taking up the 'Old FP3 Challenge'

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Thank you for sharing this Pete. Merry Christmas and a happy photographic to you and everyone else at Digital Truth.

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