Latent Image Regression with ILFORD PAN-F ---

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Latent Image Regression with ILFORD PAN-F ---

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I have had lots of film sent to me by a fellow member of the Pentax User Site which had been in his loft UNDEVELOPED for YEARS !
I managed to get good results on AGFA APX 100 using Liquid PROMICROL 1+14 for 12 mins BUT all his 3 cassettes of ILFORD PAN-F + were BLANK -- I tried ONE first in the Promicrol - BLANK -- then second one tried I HOUR Stand in RODINAL -- BLANK -- then tried Crawley's FX-4 Formula 1+3 for 40 mins when usually 11 mins is good for PAN-F --- BLANK !! Even the factory fogged Edge Signing has not developed which indicates a severe case of Latent Image Regression. Have other members of this Group had this problem ?
Got COMPUTERISED and 'slightly Digitised Pentax K10D' but FILM STILL RULES !

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