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B&W Print Scan Quality

Post by 2square »


I want to scan a series of B&W 8x10 prints I will make starting from medium format negatives.

I can choose to make the prints using RC, fiber, glossy, mat, or whatever paper I want. The object is to obtain the best quality from the scanning process. My question is: What kind of paper should I choose? does it matter? and if it matters, do you know why?

I would like to know your opinion on this.
Many thanks in advance.

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Post by Digitaltruth »

If you want the best quality you need to scan the negatives, but I presume that isn't your point.

A glossy surface paper has the greatest contrast range, and fiber-based paper is capable of giving the best detail and tonality, but I'm not sure how this would be translated in a scan. Its possible that glossy paper may reflect back at the scan bed.

Any one have any experience with this?
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Post by paulographics1953 »

Not having a neg. scanner I scan my 10x8's for web posting.
The flatter the paper surface the better and I have had no problems with glossy.
For my purposes scanning as a //jpeg// suffices. a printer I occasionally use prefers a //tiff// for press work.

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Post by nandman83 »

When I scanned my 8X10 prints I got horrendous results... My negatives were printed on Ilford and Agfa RC papers but what appeared on screen was a lot different from what I had on paper. Somehow all my images lacked sharpness , contrast and funny white patterns appeared on them.. I think the key to good BW scans lie in the scanner.... I use an Epson CX 5100. Or maybe you need to use the editing software to get better contrast etc... hopefully someone can help me out too...
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