Developing Slide Film& Buying an enlarger

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Developing Slide Film& Buying an enlarger

Post by Skatephottographer » Tue May 02, 2006 6:41 pm

I was wondering how to develop slide film i am kinda new at developing and i basically only take pictures with slide film and it would be nice to be able to develop them so could someone give me a website or instructions on how to do this

Also i would really like to buy an enlarger and i was wonder some good brands that can do:color and black&white also if it could do medium format(120 film) and 35mm and a good price would be nice

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Developing Slide Film Etc

Post by pentaxpete » Mon May 08, 2006 12:14 pm

If you do not have much processing experience you will probably not get good results doing E6 slide processing; start on Black and White then GRADUATE to colour as I did ! The E6 chemicals are expensive and oxidise quickly in the bottles once mixed. I send my E6 slide films to Guernsey - very much cheaper and good D-Max quality,( unless I use a 'process-paid' film of course !
Regarding the ENLARGER: If you can come to Brentwood Essex you can have some FREE Gamer enlargers I have; a 35mm to 6x6 one with lens and a 'Universal' 35mm to 6x9 format one with colour filter draw I used for lots of colour printing until I got my LPL C770 Pro with dichroic filters.
Got COMPUTERISED and 'slightly Digitised Pentax K10D' but FILM STILL RULES !

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