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digital camera

Posted: Thu Dec 16, 2004 9:23 am
by Newcomer
Hello to all my seniors,

I as a Newcomer in digital.
Using analog camera, always lag behine and confusing.

There are some Masters in our zone always editing the image from a digital output.

As a product of modern technology, why should they doing it?
Are this become a behavier of some photographer or they are not confident of the equipemnt.

For me photography as a hobby, "If I change to digital am I need to learn some PhotoShop?

Posted: Fri Dec 17, 2004 6:36 am
by Newcomer
:D Wonderful! my dear guest,

I try to drop the camera in 1:25 rodinal but can't get the result.

How you feel the output of digital and analog.

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2006 6:52 pm
by Francisco
Newcomer here (to this site but have been involved in photography since there were debates over whether 35mm was actually a usable format). I thought the entire point of photography was in creating images, regardless of how they are created. Digital is nothing more than a new tool in our arsenal of tools to create images, but as a tool, it requires mastery and, to date, the best tool for digital images is Photoshop.