ID11 & Kodak T-Max

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ID11 & Kodak T-Max

Post by Dave »

I have used exclusively ilford products. As they have now gone bust, it is getting harder to get ID11. So I am now switching over to Tmax.

What I do not like about the Kodak product, is they list only dev times for their own products. It does not give very clear guidelines - at least not for me. On top of that the agitation is every 30seconds. Can I not agitate it once every 60secs like the ID11?

There is no temperature chart. So I can't determine the dev times for other film types. Although I can check it on this site, it si not complete...

Example Fuji 1600 is listed as 7.5mins at 20 degrees Celcius. What is the time if the temp was 23 degrees?

Or could I use the Ilford dev chart for T-Max as they are basically the same product?

Can I use Ilfords ID11 different film types recommendations dev time for the different film types I use?


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