Rollei ATP in Rodinal

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Rollei ATP in Rodinal

Post by pbrooks » Fri May 29, 2009 11:39 pm

This is regarding Rollei ATP in Rodinal. The massive developing chart says 12 min at 20 deg C and ISO 25 at 1:300. Is this accurate? What I need are particulars. Agitation? I have seen posts where one person did it at 1:300 but contrast was still high and one other that did it at 1:150 but nobody says about agitation. Would it help to try and do a semi-stand development or would that just complicate things?

I will do tests when it arrives, the Rodinal is already here. From what I have read of Rodinal, I should probably give more exposure like around iso 12 or 16. Is this accurate? If I do that I'll reduce the developement. Just wanted to get the ear of the Rodinal masters and try to ready when it arrives.

I am in Taiwan and no other developers are available to me. If I were in the states I might try others but for now it's Rodinal.
Thanks in advance!

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Post by Fotohuis » Sun May 31, 2009 8:28 am

Rodinal in 1+150 for 6:30min. will give reasonable results. Agitation first 30S continuous then every 30S 1x slowly.
However the speed is going down to iso 12-15. Even with 1+150 the film tends to a steep developing curve. With ATP-DC and RLC the curve is bended down but if you have no alternative developer and can live with the slow speed Rodinal can do the job. Further above developers a very sensitive for metal ions in the water so you need demi or destilled water. For Rodinal it doesn't matter. If you would try to make your own (low contrast) developer: POTA.
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Re: Rollei ATP in Rodinal

Post by mikelimch » Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:06 am

Hello Phillip,

So sorry to jack this old thread. I'm going to visit Taiwan for the first time soon. Is it possible to get Rodinal in Taiwan? It is unavailable in my part of the world.



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