Kodak Tmax 400...i exposed at 3200...

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Have a look at the Push Processing chart which is listed in the left hand menu of the Massive Dev Chart

The chart indicates that you should develop your TMax film by a factor of 1.66 to push it from 400 to 3200 (3 stops). If you use the 5 minute time for Rodinal 1+25, that makes a new time of just under 8.5 minutes.

Alternatively, to keep the contrast down, it might be a good idea to use a higher dilution (anywhere from 1+50 to 1+75), although the time will be much longer. At 1+50, for example, you could use a time of about 16-17 minutes.

Personally, I would try 1+65 for 20 minutes. This is not a published Rodinal dilution, but it will allow you to strike a balance between density and contrast that should give you a more printable negative. Having said that, if you are used to the 1+25 dilution, you are probably looking for hard contrast with sharply defined grain, so you might want to stick with that.
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