Old cut negs from 1930's

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Old cut negs from 1930's

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Was recently given a stack of old negs (about 75) that date back to the middle to late 30's. Subject matter was mostly of outings and picnics, etc, that included my wife's folks from their dating/early marriage years, as none of her or her sister are included. I contact printed about 15, and they turned out very nicely in ansco 130 on adox mcp glossy.
They were, for the most part, quite sharp, well-developed,(though many were bullet-proof density-wise). All of the old-timers from that side have passed away, and no one left to give us much detail on who, what, where when. (I am also in the same position, with a stack of old albums from my deceased folks)
Any way, to the subject of this post. The negs have no edge markings to identify the manufacturer. My guess is the photos were taken with a box camera or an old kodak folder of some sort. The film itself is about 70mm wide. The images are 2 1/2 by 4 1/4 inches, minute variations on the long dimension. These are all cut negs, so unable to tell how many exposures /roll.
My question is, is this 116 or 616 film, or some other size that has passed into obscurity? Might be interesting to get some 70mm b/w somewhere and roll my own, get a suitable camera off ebay, and have some fun!
Any help or observations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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