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There is no simple answer to this question. To make a double exposure you need to expose a piece of film to two separate scenes. How you do this depends upon your equipment and which film format you are using. If you are using 35mm, then your camera may have a double-exposure button. If it doesn't then (on a traditional SLR) after making the first exposure you need to press the film release button on the base of the camera (the one you normally press prior to rewinding the film). With the film release button depressed, wind on a single frame. Then make a second exposure.

I would recommend making two normal exposures, but there are different schools of thought on this. Many people prefer to make two exposures that are approximately 50% (ie. give each exposure half of the time indicated by your light meter). If you use this latter method then the only correctly exposed areas of the film will be where two areas of density overlap. Either way, you need to experiment and use trial and error.
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