Atomal FF - Calbe A49?

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When Germany was divided into East and West at the end of WWII, production of many Agfa products continued on both sides of the wall. While the Agfa brand continued in the West, in the East these products were produced in the old factory under different names, hence Atomal and A49 being equivalent.

A49 comes from the production originating in the former East Germany and is now sold under the brand name Calbe.

Atomal and A49 are based on the same formula and should give identical results.

I believe that Atomal FF was a revised formulation brought out by Agfa. The times for Atomal and Atomal FF are similar, but not identical. It appears as if Atomal FF was designed for machine processing.

As far as I am aware both Atomal and Atomal FF are no longer in production except as A49. If you have some Atomal FF, then it is old stock or else I have this wrong. if you bought it recently please let me know.

If you are looking for starting point times, then use any Atomal/Atomal FF or A49 times -- all of these will give you a place to start.
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