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pan f developer

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2005 11:29 am
by milhouse
what developer should i use for pan f 50, to get the longest tonal scale?

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 11:43 am
by Lowell Huff
I recommend Clayton F76plus Developer. Diluted 1+14, process for 5½ minutes.

Pan f developer

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2005 1:09 pm
by nandman83

Actually what developer depends on what you're looking for... If fine grain is required I'd go for Ilford's DDX or Microdol X.. However there is loss in film speed with these developers hence you might have to compensate for the loss during shooting by adjusting your exposure. However the developer I use for most ilford films is the D76 as it offers the best compromise between grain, contrast and emulsion speed. All the three are present in the right amounts! Old, tried and tested, it has never let me down! Ilfords ID-11 is the equivalent of D76 I think so it might be a substitute if D76 aint available at your place(I think its available nearly everywhere).