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Lab timer: Parallel developings?

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:36 am
by tomkyle
Hi there,
my proposal is to make parallel print workflows possible. Here's why:

Hypo clear (2.5min) and Final wash (5min) leave enough time to start a second print in the enlarger. A second timer running in parallel would be really useful.

In my phantasy the workflow screen would show each running timer in a compact “section”. Each compact section basically shows the current stage's time along the animated time bar (and perhaps the next stage with an emtpy bar), and a „Toggle full view“ button. An auto-collapse feature could collapse any full-view section when the next stage in one of the running workflow is coming closer.

What do you think?
Best regards,

Edit: wording here and there. Please sorry as I am no native speaker.