Web developer looking for digital printing solution

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Web developer looking for digital printing solution

Postby burge33 » Tue Aug 23, 2005 10:43 am

I am a web developer with several photography clients for whom I am building websites. They would all like for their customers to be able to order digital prints directly from their own site. They do not want their customers directed to a photo gallery that is stored on a site such as snapfish.com, ofoto.com, mpix.com, smugmug.com, etc.

Ideally... customers would visit the photography website, select the prints they would like to order, and those photos would then be uploaded or sent automatically to a printer who would then process the order.

Does anyone know of a printing company that offers this type of service?


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Postby Digitaltruth » Tue Aug 23, 2005 3:10 pm

One option would be to find a digital printing service that you can form a relationship with. Then you could build a shopping cart for each of your clients and have the selected images and printing options automatically sent to the printer who could fulfill the order.
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