Hoping to return to the forum.

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Hoping to return to the forum.

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Hello everyone:

KennyE here.

I have not been active on the forum or any forum for that matter. I have not gotten over the lost of 85% of all of my photo equipment, lab, chemicals, documents, books, vintage cameras, and host of other thousands and thousands of items, that I lost in Texas to the hurricanes in 2017.

In February I was able to return to my home, the total lost was $234,000.00. Personal property lost totaled $345,000.00. But it does not matter. Because I can not replace the thousands of documents, articles, manuals, and books that I lost. And my insurance company will not give me the full value for most of the items lost, because I never got around to getting things apprised.

So now I am rebuilding my photo studio, darkroom, and photo lab.

Since I only started scanning documents a year ago, I managed to recover 2% of my information, along with what I had saved to cd's, dvd's, and flash drives.

The looters stole an unknown amount of items, which I was unable to get the insurance company to cover. And the other persons just help themselves to what they wanted.

At this time, I am refurbishing my Omega D2, it is nearly complete. Rebuilding and restocking my lab. And having my cameras that survived, cleaned and tested.

I hope to be up and running at 40% by May 2018, 70% by July, and 100% by October 2018.

I will post photos of the damages to my home and photo items on my blog in May 2018.

I can only say, it is too your advantage to inventory and photography everything you own. No matter what. Or you will regret it.

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