Rodinal: Using Andersen's formula.

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Rodinal: Using Andersen's formula.

Post by KennyE » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:03 pm

After hours, days, months, and years of research. I have come to this conclusion.

That 80% of what we have been calling or claiming to be Rodinal, is actually "Andersen's" formula of 1892.

What we have been calling Rodinal, is a public domain formula that was first publish in France in 1891 and again that same year in the United States, at the New York Amateur Photography Club.

I discovered that AFGA had actually published an ad of Andersen's formula as being their "Rodinal" formula in 1899, being forced to so, due to a court order from a United States Court. Andersen had filed for a patent of the discovery in 1892, yet the formula had already been made public 1890, and was published in France, England, and the United States photographic magazines..., prior to him filing for a patent in early 1892. Therefore, it had became a public domain item that could not be patent legally, since it had been in public use and valuation, longer than six months prior to patent filing.

AFGA, scam the United States and the World, by claiming in 1899, that their formula which they was ordered to make public, due to penalty , was merely the original Anderson formula. They got away with it because they were stating that Andersen was the inventor of their Rodinal product, yet Andersen never worked directly for AFGA in product manufacture, design, or marketing. He only work through commission to conduct research on chemical use and manufacture. Yet..., AFGA's Rodinal formula which was designed by them, was very different from that of Andersen's, concentrated formula or his method of manufacture.

In test after test, I prove this to be true.

Then in 2015, I came across a French article written in 1915, informing the world that they had obtained the true Rodinal formula during the Germans bombardment of Paris, in which the French troops had capture the German trenches and drove them to the Belgium border. The Germans troops was making Rodinal for the purpose of developing their recon balloon photos, and was force to abandon their equipment.

The article included the formula, and how it was made. I later came across the same information in Wilson's Photographic Magazine 1919.

Now, I have come across that same information again, in a book called "Organic Photographic Developers", by one of the most renown and creditable chemist of that time; Samuel Wein.

The formula for Rodinal is on pages 70-72.

Also, when I first publish the formula in 2015 and 2016. Many so called knowledgeable viewers stated that Rodinal did not use "sodium carbonate or sodium bisulfite". But Wein states the use of those chemicals in such formulas that use the developing agent used in Rodinal. Stating that using sodium carbonate in formulas that use Para-Amidophenol, will go on indefinitely and maintain the base solution. Review and read pages 64-68.

Read the book, it is available on the internet for free.

Thank You


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