gift of a LOT of old special films and some developers - HELP

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gift of a LOT of old special films and some developers - HELP

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well, christmas starts early this year. From my friend I got, like 5kilometers (literally) old films. Most of them in original boxes, foiled. And some glass films, and flat sheets. Last 30 years in forgotten, plugged fridge. And I found at home some old developers. I dig a little in internet, and got some informations, but I need to use these films in a next week on camp for young astronomer, when Im gonna teach them oldschool photography.

Sure, we gonna got some new stuff, but playing witch techpan? Lifetime experience :) and Im on road whole week, so I dont much time to find infos.

So I need a little help with them. Films are
Kodak technical pan WSO-115,
Kodak spectrum analysis film no. 1,
and Kodak technical pan 2415
Also lot of Orwo NP22,
Orwo glass plate WO1, WU2
and some russian stuff, Im not able to read :D

Im also find at home a Kodak Technidol developer, (4 bottle for 600ml)
Orwo A49 developer (exp. 89)
Kodac dectol developer (3 cans).

1. I got infos about techpan. Its very soft, grainless, iso 25-200, Technidol was developer directly for tech pan, my question is how to prepare solution? just mix one little botle with water to 600ml? the same with dectol. Its worth to try these old developers?
I got times and how to develop in technidol, but not for dectol. Got someone some info?
what about other developers? I will mix my own developer from chemicals, I have ingeriences for POTA (low conrtrast) and D76, but I havent development times.

2. What about technical pan WSO-115, and spectrum analysis film no. 1, Orwo NP22?
Have anyone experience with them? Sensityvity, developers, times?

3. Glass plate Orwo WO1, WU2, the same. Sensityvity, developers, times? Using? This A49 can be used for them?

Thank you for any help!
Michael "shovax" Shozda

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