Agfa APX100 pushed to 400 in d76

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Agfa APX100 pushed to 400 in d76

Post by Neopras »

Hi guys,
I accidentally left my camera iso setting on 400 while shooting a roll of agfa 100...

I'm planning on developping it in d76 (only dev i have) and since there are no dev times posted, i'll use the digitaltruth rule of thumb of "two stops over = time x 2.25" which gives me 25 minutes in this case.

Does anybody have any suggestions or has anybody already tried this before?

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Re: Agfa APX100 pushed to 400 in d76

Post by pirateoversixty »

Before Ornie jumps in to tell you to throw your film away, it's ruined, film cannot be "pushed", I would suggest that you do either a clip test or shoot another roll at same ei. I can't remember ever using Apx 100, though others could probably give you more advice on this. Is your plan to use D-76 undiluted or diluted?
PS Check recent postings here to see "discussions" on over-developing film.

Jim Appleyard
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Re: Agfa APX100 pushed to 400 in d76

Post by Jim Appleyard »

2 stops is quite a bit, but you can try D-76; I can't give you a starting time, tho'. You could try Acufine, which gives a time of 9 min. for EI 400. This would be rather expensive to do just one for of film. Can you re-take these photos at the paper setting?

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