Developing Kodak Technical Pan

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Developing Kodak Technical Pan

Post by jsngenda »

I've acquired a bulk roll of Kodak tech pan and was wondering if anyone in the forum has any experiencing developing it without the specific kodak developer-- I've picked up some microphen based on the recommendations from the unblinking eye ( ... chpan.html) that I'm going to try and use, but if anyone has any advice to offer, I'd appreciate it.

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Re: Developing Kodak Technical Pan

Post by Digitaltruth »

Dev times are in the obsolete section of The Massive Dev Chart here: ... arch&obs=Y

You can access old data in the chart by using either the Advanced Search, or you via the Discontinued/Unlisted page here: ... scontinued
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Re: Developing Kodak Technical Pan

Post by pentaxpete »

I was given a load of the 35mm and 120 rolls but only recently got round to using it. I tested the 35mm first as a short length and used my 'Very Old Dark Brown RODINAL' 1+30 for 10 mins @ 20oC and got good negs -- I COULD have rated film at 40 ASA even instead of 25, So I loaded a 120 roll in my 1984 Mamiya C220 and tested it with the same processing and got amazing resolution ! Be Careful though -- MY RODINAL; was NOT 'Fresh' so if you use 'FRESH' it may be too strong at 1+30 with agitation only once per minute.
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