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I developed some outdated 11/1992 ORWO NP20 in some 'Dark Brown RODINAL I have left in the original plastic container , 1+50 for 15 mins @ 20oC and it was under-developed though the last time I used it it was OK -- so I had a look -- I decanted the RODINAL into a beaker , about 180 mls left and there was a Crystal 'Sludge' at the bottom. Well, next I put it into Microwave for a Gentle 50% and 45 secs and tried to crush the crystals. I did it 3 times -- it got a bit 'Warm'. So next I CUT the test ORWO NP20 film I had loaded in my CHINON CG-5 having used several lenses out in dreadful Winter Light and processed 12 frames in 150 mls RODINAL 1+25 - 6mls in 150 mls I made it, in a small Paterson Tank for 20 exposure films, and 'guessed' 10 mins and got great Negs !! I found in the dull light I could have rated film at 64 ASA not 50 ASA.
Next experiment I will try 1 + 25 in some 1993 dated HP5 + I was given by the Former Chief Photographer of the now-defunct 'Yellow Advertiser Newspaper Group' . I want to finish that Dark Brown RODINAL as I have some NEW stuff ! You can see TWO scans of 1+25 negs on my Flickr Page here :
Got COMPUTERISED and 'slightly Digitised Pentax K10D' but FILM STILL RULES !

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