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Darkroom Ventilation

Post by cmcdarris »

I am moving and setting up a new darkroom in our new house. I want better ventilation. I have found the Doran L-1212 Light Tight Darkroom Louver to be used with
the A-1212 fan. After calling B&H, I learned the A-1212 fan is discontinued. Even without the fan, can I install the Louver in the bottom of the door (which is on one end of the darkroom) and install a large bathroom fan (110 cfm) in the ceiling on the other end. Will this work or does this Louver have to be used in conjunction with the A-1212 fan?

Does anyone else have ideas on how I can create good ventilation while keeping the darkroom light tight?


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Re: Darkroom Ventilation

Post by SelmaAdam »

I think that you should find ventilators that do not allow much light to pass through them This will help in the situation.

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