Kodak ultramarine 400 dev times

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Kodak ultramarine 400 dev times

Post by Neffy »

I can't find the developing times for Kodak ultramax 400 on the chart .

Currently using the fuji hunt c41 kit to develop colour negs with mix results.
Managed to develop kodak 200 film no problems but the ultramax has a lot more of a issue with negatives being underdeveloped .

I've used a base time of 3 mins 35 for the developer

Does anyone have any suggestions to the following issue.

I also have a issue with fomapan 400 120 film which will be a separate tag.

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Re: Kodak ultramarine 400 dev times

Post by Digitaltruth »

The chart is for B&W films. Color films are developed according to the times supplied with your C-41 kit.
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Re: Kodak ultramarine 400 dev times

Post by pentaxpete »

i use the Fuji Hunt 'Environeg' C41 developer -- make up 'Replenisher' then dilute the Rep + Starter with water -- I find KODAK ULTRAMAX 400 needs 3 mins 45 secs
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