Annoying Halo

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Annoying Halo

Post by Jollybox »

I am at a bit of a loss for an explanation - so throwing this out to the brains trust 🙂 Recently a 'halo' has started appearing in my negatives. I can't see it in the negatives on the light box - but it appears regularly in the prints. Things I have changed - the diffuser box in the enlarger, the enlarger lens, the filtration (for MG printing), chemistry, paper.... I have been looking through previous prints and there is no signs of this halo - but having said that it might be masked. I will have to try a different lens but getting hold of one of those is a whole new level of challenges.
Up to now my SL66 has been 100% reliable and dependable and this halo has only appeared recently.
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Re: Annoying Halo

Post by joncallas »

In looking at this, I have to ask if this is in the negative or the print? Things to try include:

* Scan the negative and see if it's in the scan.
* Try a different lens on the body.
* Try a different body with the lens.
* Try enlarging a known-good negative to see if it's the paper.

Basically, change variables. Preferably one at a time.

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