Developing 1950's film. Panchroma Feinkorn Kleinbildfilm?

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21 DIN is equivalent to 100 ASA/ISO. DIN stands for Deutsche Industrie Norm and is an older European standard which may still be in use, but should have been superceded by the ISO standard.

If the film is very old, then it will almost certainly be useless. If it has been exposed the best you can expect to get are very faint images with almost no contrast. I'd recommend trying to develop it yourself in a very virorous solution. A print developer at full or double strength for 5-10 minutes might be the way to go. There is going to be a lot of base fog, so the short time and strong developer is important. The results will be rough, but you have a chance of getting some contrast this way. If you can't fit it on a reel, then just drop it into a deep tray and manually rotate it.

If the film hasn't been exposed, then keep it as a souvenir.

If you want a commercial lab to process the film, you aren't likely to have too much luck as most of them won't expect to get a result. To find a someone to process it for you, try looking at the Film for Classics web site at:
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