Final misture of Parodinal became white...

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Final misture of Parodinal became white...

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I used this formula to make Parodinal:
Water 250 ml
Acetaminophen 30x 500mg tablets
Sodium Sulfite (anhydrous) 50 g
Sodium Hydroxide (anhydrous) 20 g

Add chemicals in specified sequence.

So, my workflow was:
1) Put 250ml of distilled water on a becker;
2) Smash 20 tablets of 750mg (20*0,750 = 30*0,500) of Paracetamol and put on the water and mix them;
3) Put the 50g of sodium sulfite on becker and mix;
4) Finally, put 20g of sodium hydroxide on becker and mix again.

The solution goes hot, so I wait until the temperature drops to room temperature. The final solution was... white! I was hoping that the final solution became amber (like that ... 175684.//jpg//). But not...

I really don't know where the things goes wrong, but I also don't know if the white solution was right.

The sodium sulfite, sodium hydroxide and the distilled water are reliable. Here in Brazil, I cannot buy pure paracetamol. I can buy 400 tablets of paracetamol 750mg at the drugstore if I want, but I cannot buy the 15g of pure paracetamol (I really don't understand this law in my country...). So I have to buy tablets and smash them. So the paracetamol it's the only "unpure" chemical, but I really don't think this was a big deal...

So, anyone can say where the things goes wrong?

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