Photographic Gifts for the Holiday Season 2016

Photo Warehouse Gift Certificate

Photo Warehouse Ultrafine Gift Certificate
Available values: $25, $35, $50, $75, $100, $200.
Full range of camera and darkroom products as well as inkjet and digital, including their own range of Ultrafine brand products.
Supplied by Photo Warehouse, USA

Fotoimpex Adox Gift Certificate

FotoImpex Gift Certificate
Available values: €15, €25, €30, €35, €40, €50, €60, €75, €100.
Aiming to offer the widest range of analog photographic products in Europe, including their own Adox films, papers and chemicals.
Supplied by FotoImpex, Germany

Photographers Formulary Contact Printing Frame

Photographers' Formulary Select Contact Print Frame
Just like the old Kodak Contact Print frames, the Photographers Formulary Print Frames are made from solid 2" Ash, with felt mounted to cabinet grade 1/2” plywood on a hinged back board for print inspection and a sheet of museum frame grade pure glass. Ideal for Cyanotype and other daylight processes. Available in two print sizes, the 8x10 size has 9x11" glass, while the 11x14 size has 12x15" glass. 2016 Christmas Special: These are introductory prices for our 2016 Christmas Special. You’ll receive free shipping within the Continental US, and a free liquid Cyanotype kit. Offer valid through December 2016.
Supplied by Photographers' Formulary, USA

Bostick & Sulllivan Wetplate

Bostick & Sullivan Wetplate Workshop
Book now for a summer workshop where you can learn the art of Wetplate photography at Bostick & Sullivan, the world's leading authority on Alternative and Antique photography. Create stunning images using a variety of cameras from 4x5 to 8x10, using modern and period-correct Petzval lenses. No prior wetplate experience or dark room experience is necessary. We provide all cameras and materials, although we encourage students to bring their own cameras if they desire. The workshop takes place on June 22-24, 2017 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Supplied by Bostick & Sullivan, USA

Impossible i_100 Instant Polaroid Camera

Impossible I-1 Instant Camera
The Impossible i-1 is unlike any camera you’ve seen before. It’s also the first new camera in over a decade that uses the original Polaroid format. It gives instant photographers new levels of manual control through its Bluetooth app, which also lets you try out creative techniques like light painting and double exposure. It has a ring flash that provides soft, diffused light, and an autofocus system that makes it perfect for portraits. This is an analog camera truly made for the digital age.
Supplied by Freestyle Photographic Supplies, USA

MiNT Instant TLR camera

InstantFlex TL70 2.0 Instant Film Camera Gift Set
Designed for the instant film photography enthusiast, the InstantFlex TL70 2.0 Instant Film Camera Gift Set from MiNT bundles their second generation TLR instant film camera with a series of accessories and film to suit working in a variety of shooting conditions. Besides the unique camera itself, this gift set also includes 10-sheet packs of Fujifilm instax mini color and instax mini Monochrome instant films; dedicated 1-, 2-, and 3-stop neutral density filters; a close-up filter; a lens hood; and a brown genuine leather neck strap.
Supplied by B&H Photo Video, USA


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Darkroom Rat Gifts

Darkroom Rat

For the best selection of handmade accessories including T-Shirts, Jewelry, Camera Bags & Straps, Wooden Pinhole Cameras and more — checkout the Darkroom Rat catalog of unique, boutique and individual suppliers and makers of all things photographica.


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