Custom Fine Art Photo Labs

Photographic Works

Tucson, AZ

Photographic Works is where all aspects of photography and fine art printmaking are taken seriously. Each and every day we are committed to providing quality in our services. Our goal is to provide you the very best working experience. We like being liked for what we do. Whether you use film, digital file, or paint we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to handle your needs.

Dickerman Prints

San Francisco, CA

Purely custom b/w & C-type color photographic printing, using traditional (optical, chemical, handmade) means. Printing for exhibition, reproduction, or portfolio purposes. What every job has always had in common is the mutual desire of the client and myself to produce prints which most fully articulate every aspect of what the photographer wants to say.

PC Colour

Los Angeles, CA

PC Colour offers a wide variety of high-quality services including: Durst Lambda prints, film processing, proof and scan services, custom C-type, B&W traditional and digital prints, mounting, framing etc... We have served the professions of fine art photography, wedding photography, and commercial photography since 1987.

Berkeley, CA provides one stop shopping for busy photographers who shoot film or digital and need custom photo lab services in both color and black and white. We work hard for working photographers, artists, students and anyone who loves true optical black and white silver printing and professional color digital printing on art papers and on photo-graphic papers.

Weldon Color Lab

Los Angeles, CA

Custom color fine art printing, Ilfochrome, C-type, Mounting, Digital.

Denver Digital Imaging Center

Denver, CO

Fine Art Printing both Photographic and Giclee. We process E6, C41, Black and White Films using the preferred Dip and Dunk processors. Scanning services Drum Scans and Flatbed Scans. We offer our services nationally.

Reed Photo-Imaging

Denver, CO

Professional full service digital imaging specialists with complete experience in digital photographic and fine art printing. We are artists working with artists to co-create fine artwork print editions. Our talents and products also translate perfectly to the corporate world where image is everything to your business. We offer many in-house services from Graphic Design to final Installation of your project. We are happy to show you our many solutions to your fine art or commercial graphic print needs. Other services include: Image Retouching and Restoration, Museum and Visitor Center Display Graphics, Artwork and Display Installation as well as Non-Profit Fundraising Opportunities through our Affiliate and Broker programs.

LightBox, Inc.

East Dundee, IL

Since it’s founding in 1990 Lightbox has reached out to the photo, and fine-art community. We have cultivated many loyal business relationships as well as wonderful friendships with our clientele. Our loyalty and commitment to our customers has been returned two-fold by way of strong referrals. The Lightbox name is always associated high quality work. Offer wide range of traditional and digital printing including Platinum/Palladium.


Chicago, IL

For over 25 years, the Printlab has been the professional photo lab of choice in Chicago for Fine Art photo printing. Printlab is your creative studio; our business relies upon uncompromising technical precision, skilled craft, and a collaborative environment so that you can concentrate on your business: creating work. We work one-on-one with you to ensure that your vision is met to the strictest of specification producing professional photographic prints of the highest caliber.

Color Services

Needham, MA

A professional Color and B&W lab, founded in 1988, that services a wide range of artists, museums, institutions, photographers, enthusiasts and anyone in need of quality imaging of any kind. Whether you need critical film processing (E-6, C-41, B&W, Pyro), handmade color or B&W prints, large or small format copy work and duping, museum quality mounting, or digital services ranging from high resolution scanning to large format pigment printing, we can help. Sizes of analog c-prints available up to 72" inches wide!

Panopticon Imaging

Hingham, MA

B&W film processing, archival Digital inkjet printing to 44" wide, digital negatives / LVT negatives, photo restoration and Photoshop services, high-resolution scanning

Dodge Chrome

Silver Spring, MD

We professionally process using Dip and Dunk processors, E-6, C-41 and B&W. We also offer many other photo services, printing, duping, framing, scanning,etc. We currently process film for National Geographic, The Library of Congress, The National Archives and the Smithsonian. We have been in business for over 35 years, earlier years under the name Dodge Color, and have a strong photographic background.

Titan Professional Photo Lab

Troy, MI

We are a high quality, experienced, custom photo lab offering traditional photo processing and printing as well as several state of the art digital imaging services. Our services include, conventional photo printing, digital printing, fine art Giclée printing on canvas and art paper, film processing, slides, film scanning, computer retouching and print finishing.

Photo Arts Studio

Hattiesburg, MS

Finding an establishment that takes your fine art photography and custom prints seriously can be difficult. At PhotoArts Imaging Labs we offer a wide variety of printing services from custom printing to traditional & digital restoration, from toning to hand coloring. We also hand develop B&W and chrome (color slide) films from 35mm to 4x5 sheet film.

Hamilton Color Lab

Omaha, NE

Offering the finest in digital imaging and wide format printing services to photographers and graphics designers in the Mid West for over 35 years! Our experienced staff of imaging professionals have extensive experience in all phases of digital imaging, traditional photolab services, and as photographers, making us a well rounded group of professionals.

Big Prints

New York, NY

Fine art photographic services including master prints, mural prints, b/w fibre and lambda prints. Sizes from 8x10 inches to over 8x10 feet. Specialists in mural and other large sized printing services.

Griffin Editions

New York, NY

Custom b/w, color and digital services. Charles Griffin has been providing fine art photographic print for artists, museums and galleries for the past 15 years. Since founding Griffin Editions in 1996, Charles has assembled a staff of artists that specializes in large-scale silver gelatin and digital photographic prints.

Ken Lieberman Photographic Laboratories Inc.

New York, NY

We are a custom photographic laboratory, specializing in printing exhibitions for photographers, galleries and museums, worldwide.

Lightside Photographic Services

New York, NY

Unique service provider with extensive experience and wide range of services. Located in New York City.

Tribeca Printworks

New York, NY

Digital fine art printing studio in New York City specializing in archival pigment printing, large format photographic printing, fine art giclee printing, scanning and retouching for photographers and artists.

Praus Productions

Rochester, NY

For almost 25 years we've been providing professional photographers, fine artists, and serious amateurs with custom photo laboratory services. Because of our quality and service, we've prospered while our competitors have come and gone.

Blue Moon Camera and Machine

Portland, OR

Our brick and mortar facility is equipped and ready to handle all of your optical printing needs. Real film, real light, and real lenses make for real photographs. What might possibly be the world's hardest working film lab awaits the opportunity to bring out your images in glowing color and exquisite black and white. We offer scanning services, restoration services as well as custom darkroom work.


Richmond, VA

With a combination of 30 years experience and knowledge in the photographic field and utilizing the latest in the photographic technology, we are able to produce the highest quality in digital and traditional printing, at very low prices. Digital upload, 48 hour service and custom b/w.

Conservatorio della Fotografia

Olgiate Molgora, ITALY

We do most kinds of direct from negative prints. Mainly working on direct chromogenic prints and Platinum palladium prints, we do ancient techniques as well as b&w silver prints.


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