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General Purpose Film:
Adox Silvermax 100 Film Test: Silvermax developer, Rodinal, Fomapan 100
400 ISO Film Test: Retro 400S, Legacy Pro 400, HP5+, Tri-X, Fomapan 400
Legacy Pro 100, Fomapan 100, APX 100
Legacy Pro 400, Fomapan 400, APX 400
Caffenol Concoction Test: Silvermax 100, Neopan 100 Acros, Neopan 100ss, Ultrafine Extreme 100

Infrared Film:
Rollei IR400 for Non-Infrared use
Survey of Infrared films
Survey of Infrared films, Part 2
Efke & Rollei Infrared comparison
Efke, Kodak, Ilford & Rollei IR comparison
Rollei IR400: Examples and report
Rollei IR400: Focus test
Rollei IR400: Acufine, Pyro and HIE "Aura"
Rollei IR400: Examples in F76+
IR Wavelength Spectral Sensitivity
Rollei IR400: Foliage variation with #89B filter

High Resolution Film:
Slow speed film comparison
Samples of Rollei ATP1.1
Rollei ATP1.1 & Kodak Technical Pan comparison in ATP DC
Rollei ATP1.1 & Kodak Technical Pan comparison in Rodinal

Clayton F76+ film developer comments & test report with Efke film


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