Acufine, ACU-1, Diafine Technical Data  
Acufine Film DeveloperDev as aboveMSDS
Acufine Replenisher as aboveMSDS
ACU-1 Film DeveloperDev as aboveMSDS
Diafine 2-bath Film DeveloperDev as abovesee below
Diafine Part A  MSDS
Diafine Part B  MSDS
A maximum acutance, ultra-fine grain film developer, combining optimum quality, with great effective film speed. Similar to Acufine developer, but to be used as a "one-shot", throw away developer. Same increase in film speed ratings without sacrificing grains or contrast. Concentrate features practical and convenient dilution ratio of 1:5 and 1:10 and is an ideal preparation for the occasional user and for those preferring a non-replenishing "one-time" developer. One quart will process over 40 rolls of film at the 1:10 ratio with all the quality advantages of Acufine Developer.
Shoot TRI-X at 1600 ASA,or PLUS-X at 320 with no increase in grain. This is not a push-processing developer, but a unique developer which increases the standard film speed rating of most films. An outstanding formula featuring very high acutance, ultra-fine grain, and great effective film speeds. Usable with all film types within a temperature range of 70° to 85°F. Available in powder form only. Great for low-light, available light shooting. Gives you an extra "punch" to your negatives.
Diafine is usable over a wide temperature range with one developing time for all films. Fast, medium and slow films can be developed simultaneously without adjustment in developing time. Diafine is unsurpassed in it ability to produce the greatest effective film speed, ultra-fine grain, maximum acutance and highest resolution.Time and temperature have no practical effect if the minimum recommendations are observed. Diafine is an ultra-fine grain developer with the highest effective speeds.