Mobile Apps

MacAndroid Massive Dev Chart Timer - the ultimate handheld film development tool!
Mac Light Meter - handheld light meter for iPhone
Mac PhotoBuddy - calculates depth-of-field, exposure values, external flash, lots more!
Mac Simple DoF Calculator - calculates depth-of-field with camera support
Mac Field Tools - open source depth-of-field calculator
Android DoF Calc - versatile depth-of-field calculator
Android DOF Calculator - another depth-of-field calculator
Android Photo Tools - calculates depth-of-field, reciprocity, exposure, flash etc...
Android Photograhic Light Meter - light meter with exposure/filter/DoF calculations
Android Light Meter - includes aperture, shutter and ISO modes
Blackberry Nikonians DOF Calculator - calculates DoF and hyperfocal distances
Blackberry Depth of Field Calculator - another depth-of-field calculator

Tools & Utilities

Mac ProcessTiming - open source darkroom process timer with highly visible digits.
Mac DOFC - superb depth of field calculator provided as Mac OS X Widget.
Win XPhotoTimer.NET - free darkroom program with process timer and monitor.
MacWin CompnTemp Timer - compensating developing timer with temperature probe.
MacWin f/Calc - performs photographic forumula and optical calculations.
pdf-icon QuickDisc - determines exposure compensation for large format cameras.
pdf-icon Zone System Wheel - Luca Paradisi's exposure calculator
pdf-icon Technical files & Utilities - from Darkroom Magic

Information & Instructions

pdf-icon A Black & White Reversal Process - In Memory Of Agfa Scala 200x, by Jens Osbahr.
pdf-icon The VIDEC System - Precise exposure and development system, by Andrew Eads.
pdf-icon Photographic Processing Hazards - by Michael McCann
pdf-icon Polaroid Image Transfers - Holly Dupre's excellent book.
pdf-icon Digital Negative Making Technical paper - by David Fokos.
pdf-icon Study of Film Washing Procedures - Rolf Suessbrich's technical analysis.
pdf-icon The GoldFinger Craftbook for Creative Photography - Classic guide published by Silverprint.

Digital Imaging

MacWin Adobe Photoshop - The most comprehensive and powerful image editor
MacWin Photoshop Plugins - Huge range of third-party Photoshop add-ons
MacWin Neat Image - Photoshop plug-in for noise reduction
MacWin Nik Software - Photoshop plug-ins for photographers
MacWin Power Retouche - Photoshop plug-ins
MacWin Quad Tone RIP - Software for printing b&w images on inkjet printers
Mac Graphic Converter - Open or convert any digital image format