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Digitaltruth Photo Supplies
Your local photo store online, always supplying the latest stock and lowest prices.

  • ECO Pro Darkroom Chemicals
  • ECO Pro Darkroom Chemicals
  • Multitone RC Paper

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Darkroom Rat

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Shotlist Assist

Shotlist app for iPhone/iPad

Ideal for studio photographers, useful in the field too!

  • Lighting Diagrams
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Store shot info
  • Attach example images
  • Save presets
  • Export all data
  • iCloud sync

Now fully compatible with iOS8 and iCloud sync!

More info

EXCLUSIVE: Caffenol Concoction


EXCLUSIVE USA DISTRIBUTION: Caffenol Concoction now available to customers in the United States directly from Digitaltruth Photo!

Manufactured by Labeauratoire in Belgium, Caffenol Concoction is a black & white film developer based on eco-friendly household ingredients featuring a special blend of different bottom-shelf instant coffees, washing powder, vitamin C powder, and natural sea salt...

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