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Agfa Rodinal
The oldest commercial developer still in production, Rodinal is famous for its contrast control and flexibility. Outstanding keeping qualities make this a great developer you can always rely on. Highly concentrated and offering unrivalled value at dilutions ranging from 1+25 to 1+100. Recommended dilution: 1+50 for general purpose work.

Rodinal can be used for contrast control by varying the dilution, allowing you to use a single bottle to produce negatives to suit your requirements. The recommended 1+50 diluton produces crisp negatives of normal contrast with slightly more obvious grain than standard fine-grain developers. Lower dilutions (eg. 1+25) produce high contrast images; whereas at higher dilutions (eg. 1+75 or 1+100) Rodinal has a compensating effect and can be used to render high contrast scenes with normal contrast. The appearance of grain is also proportional to the dilution, so at 1+25 it is at its most obvious, and at 1+100 it is at its finest. (Note: if you are not experienced with this developer, we do not recommend using the 1+100 dilution unless you want low contrast results.) Extreme dilutions can be used for special purposes: 1+10 will develop ortho film, and 1+300 will produce pictorial results from document-type films.

One of Rodinal's undoubted attributes is its incredible shelf life, with half-opened bottles reported to last over 40 years. The solution is light straw colored when first opened, and during the course of a year turns darker until eventually becoming deep purple-brown. Don't be fooled into throwing it out! Rodinal continues to perform perfectly regardless of the color of the solution, and is the ideal product to keep on your shelf if you often find your usual developer is exhausted.

Agfa Sistan (NEW)
Agfa Sistan is an image silver stabilizer for black and white materials. Sistan protects films and paper from changes in the silver image caused by environmental effects. These faults initially appear as reddish to yellowish-brown highlight discolorations, and the complete negative may be destroyed by the silver being converted to a colloidal form. Its causes are industrial and traffic fumes, and fumes from heating oil, plastic paints, compressed boarding, cardboard with an acid content, glues, sticky tape, freshly cut PVC and brittle rubber, and also ozone and all substances giving off peroxide.

Sistan is recommended as an alternative to Selenium toner for fine art printers who want added archival protection without altering the image tone or density of the print. Sistan can also be used alongside Selenium toner for additional protection.