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Darkroom Lab Timer - User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

For specific usage questions read the Instruction Manual

System Requirements

  • The app works on all iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and most Android devices. Check with the app store you normally purchase from to ensure the app is compatible with your device.

Darkroom Lab Timer vs. Massive Dev Chart Timer

  • For a comparison of key differences, please see click here.

Is there a version for Windows Phone or Blackberry?

  • At this point in time we do not anticipate releasing the app on these platforms.

I cannot locate or install the app

  • The app may not be available for your handset. Please check the system requirements with your app store.

The app keeps crashing or will not launch

Can I send the app to someone as a gift?

  • To gift the Apple version of the app to a friend or family member, follow these instructions: Gift the app

I'd like to request a feature or ask a question