Techniques & Info

Unblinking Eye  technical articles & formulae
Covington Innovations  astrophotography, HC-110 & Xtol resources
Michael and Paula  Azo printing, technical info, articles & forum
Beyond The Zone System  articles, forums, software
MZ Photography  film & chemical reviews, technical test blog
Lost Labours  Ian Grant's photographic resources
Cabbagetown Photo Guild  info on PMK Pyro
Ctein online  introduction to dye transfer
The Phoenix Process  Polaroid 667 film
GSD-10  GSD-10 developer blog
Hypercat  Hypercat developer blog
510-Pyro  510-Pyro developer blog  Caffenol developer blog
Caffenol.blogspot  Caffenol developer blog
Paul Butzi  Calibrating dichroic color heads for variable contrast
Lloyd Erlick  technical articles
Using 2-Bath Developers  ephotozine article
Film Characteristics Table  detailed film type stats
Film Data Index  film formats and notch codes
Film Contrast Characteristics  technical analysis
The Big Film Database  find any film by DX code or name

Alternative Processes

Alternative Photography  comprehensive alternative process resource
Mike Ware's Alternative Process  lots of info
Bostick & Sullivan  articles about historic processes
Handmade Photographic Images  alternative processes
International Society of Bromoilists  articles & history
Alt-Photo-Process List and Archive
The Light Farm  silver gelatin emulsion-making resource
Light Measure  UV exposure meters for artists


Ken Rockwell's Reviews detailed history and data for many cameras
Large Format Photography Info  everything for large format Zeiss Ikon Contax related articles
Brownie Camera Page  info on where to get obsolete film
Photography Review  equipment reviews and lots more
Review Centre  reviews of digital and traditional equipment
Pinhole Photography by Justin Quinnell  includes assembly instructions
Pinhole Exposure Times  useful article and reference
Craig Camera  huge selection of camera manuals
Ultimate Exposure Computer  Fred Parker's advanced exposure guide
20x24 Studio  John Reuter's site dedicated to large format instant photography
Camera Rescue  Finnish project to save old cameras from disrepair

Forums, FAQs & Blogs

Photrio Analog Photography Users Group  great forums (formerly APUG)
Film Photography Project  Michael Raso's blog and podcast
PhotoForum  RIT site & archives Community  top forum site
Figital Revolution  Stephen Schaub's blog w/film+dev tests
homemade soup  group dedicated to homemade photo chemicals
42nd St Photo Blog
Rec.Photo.Darkroom  USENET Google group
Pure-Silver List Archive
Guide to  news guide with resource links FAQ
Photographic Lenses FAQ
Electronic Flash FAQ
Infra-Red FAQ
Polarizer/UV FAQ
Photography Mailing Lists  list of mailing lists from RIT
Japan Camera Hunter  analog camera and film blog
Cameraville  analog photography blog


Bellini Foto
Impossible Project
Jobo USA
Kodak Alaris
Omega Brandess
Rockland Colloid

Organizations & Resources

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)
Photographic Society of America (PSA)
Center for Creative Photography
The Imaging Alliance (formerly PMA)
Imaging USA
Eastman Museum
Smithsonian Institution Archives
Victoria & Albert Museum
Center for Photographic Art
Penumbra Foundation

Competitions & Events

View Bug Photo Contests
Photo District News contests
Photocompete  listings of current photo competitions
Photography Contest Insider  listings of competitions


Apogee Photo Magazine
The British Journal of Photography
Black & White
Black & White Photography
Lens Work
Photo District News Online
Zoom & Classic Camera

Digital Techniques & Reviews

Digital Photography Review  a great resource for comparing digital cameras  university-based non-profit reviews
Consumer Reports  digital camera reports
Digital Camera HQ  unbiased reviews, prices and advice on digital cameras
Imaging Resource  equipment info, deals, tips & faqs, articles, forum
DCViews  extensive digital camera info source
Film vs. Digital  technical analysis
Curtin's Short Courses  digital photography
Byte Photo  comprehensive digital photo site
Cambridge in Colour  digital photography tutorials, techniques
Scantips  scanning guide for beginners/intermediate users
Graphic Design Resource  links to scanning and lots more
Scanning Experiments  useful homebrew scanning


Planet Photoshop  great all-round site
Adobe Photoshop Support  Adobe's support site
Photoshop Professional Tips & Tricks  working with big files, special effects, links
Photoshop Plug-ins  plug-in and filter listings
Photoshop Web Tips Database  old but useful search site

Research, Theory & History

Photogenic Papers  critical articles from Continuum
The Daguerreian Society  "the history, science and art of the daguerreotype"
Photoconservation  historic photographic processes
Walker Evans Project
C: The Speed of Light  A. D. Coleman's Newsletter and article archive
Color Theory  overview of color theory
Photographic Memoriablia  product history site
The Science of Photography  John A. Lind


Art Photography Schools  worldwide list of photo schools
New York Institute of Photography
Society for Photographic Education
MLK Studios  complete online course
Icon Photography School  online course
Shaw Guide to Photoworkshops
Steven Anchell Workshops


Adorama  NY-based pro and consumer photo dealer
Analogue Wonderland  UK-based retailer with extensive range of films
Argentix  online Canadian retailer
B&H Photo Video  NY-based pro and consumer photo dealer
BuyFilm Canada  online Canadian retailer
Craig Camera  user and repair manuals for over 11,000 cameras
The Aerochrome Shop  Supplies color infrared film in 120 format
FotoImpex  German-based distributor of European products
Freestyle Photographic  LA-based retailer with large product range
Hass Manufacturing  Intellifaucet temperature control
Hahnemühle  high-end fine art inkjet papers
Light Impressions  extensive archival & storage supplies
Lumiere  archival storage, portfolio boxes, frames, bookbinding
LDP  tools for UV and Infrared photography
Camerahack  converters/adaptors for old film sizes 127, 126, 116, 616
Modern Collodion  wet plate supplies
Nik & Trick  UK shop with impressive range of film, paper, chemicals
Pacific Rim Camera  Over 10,000 used and collectible items
Re-invented Photo Equipment  shutters, neg carriers, dodging wands
RH Designs  Unique photographic timers and analyzers
Silverprint  UK-based darkroom supplier
The View Camera Store  large format specialist

More Photo Sites

Photo Eye  all the photo books on the web

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