Recommended Reading


Way Beyond Monochrome
by Ralph Lambrecht and Chris Woodhouse

2nd Edition: Advanced Techniques for Traditional Black & White Photography including digital negatives and hybrid printing.

Photo Techniques Magazine stated: "All our readers need to know about this very useful book." Indeed, there is no other compendium that is as in-depth as this for the beauty and magic of fine-art black-and-white photography.

Camera & Exposure


The Negative
by Ansel Adams

Classic study of the negative by Ansel Adams about how to correctly expose and develop film using the zone system. This one should be on everyone's shelf.


The Practical Zone System for Film and Digital Photography
by Chris Johnson

Teaches photographers how to recognize zones both on the print and in the field or studio, to pre-visualize and expose accordingly, to access their prints and negatives for contrast, and to test equipment for reliable results.


Beyond the Zone System
by Phil Davis

Makes the science of photographic sensitometry both accessible and useful to interested photographers. This book will appeal to any serious photographer interested in knowing how the materials and processes of black-and-white photography work.


Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity
by Michelle Bates

Plastic cameras such as the Lomo and Holga have built-in inadequacies such as light leaks, vignetting and chromatic abberation. This book helps you explore the free and fun world of toy cameras.

Darkroom Techniques


The Darkroom Cookbook
by Steve Anchell

The original cookbook contains all the recipes and data you are ever likely to need in the darkroom. Lots of info covering film and paper processing with additional sections on specialist techniques.


The Film Developing Cookbook
by Steve Anchell, Bill Troop

Follow up publication to the immensely useful Darkroom Cookbook. If you like to mix your own dev or tinker with chemistry, then this is a must. Formulae galore!


Elements of Black and White Printing
by Carson Graves

Comprehensive guide explains all the procedures and techniques for black & white printing in the darkroom. Suitable for all levels of photographer, this book includes sections on exposure and development, choosing materials, calibrating equipment, storage and display.


Post Exposure: Advanced Techniques for the Photographic Printer
by Ctein

FREE DOWNLOAD. A great book for serious printers. Lots of techniques and info. Ctein's expertise and clear style make this a superb reference.


The Print
by Ansel Adams

The classic volume on fine art printing and the zone system. Companion to The Negative



Photographic Possibilities
by Robert Hirsh
Updated edition of this modern classic provides instructions for many historic and alternative photographic processes with new sections on digital negative making, electrophotography and self-publishing. Designed as a book of ideas to help stimulate and understand innovative ways of thinking about and using photography. Includes key examples from many leading practitioners.


Pinhole Photography: From Historic Technique to Digital Application
by Eric Renner

Excellent reference on pinhole photography now updated to cover both tradtional and digital techniques and applications.


Infrared Photography Handbook
by Laurie White

Good general purpose guide to IR photography, includes lots of examples, details of filtration, digital cameras, night photography and film and developing techniques.



Adobe Photoshop CC for Photographers
by Martin Evening

Unique introduction to Photoshop for photographers experienced in traditional media, lots of examples and plenty of detail. Fully updated.


Digital Negatives with QuadToneRIP: Demystifying QTR for Photographers and Printmakers
by Ron Reeder & Christina Z. Anderson

Explores methods of using the QuadToneRIP printer driver to make expert digital negatives. The authors examine how the QTR printer driver can be used by artists in several different creative practice areas. Designed for Mac/Photoshop users.


Creative Black and White: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques
by Harold Davis

Excellent primer with the author's own illlustrations providing information on RAW file conversion, creating images in Photoshop and Lightroom, HDR, toning and tinting. Useful for all levels of digital photographer.


Digital Restoration from Start to Finish: How to repair old and damaged photographs
by Ctein

Step-by-step guide takes you through the entire process of restoring or repairing old photographs using Photoshop, Picture Window or Elements. Ctein is a highly-respected printer and long-standing contributor to Photo Techniques magazine, as well as running his own photo restoration business.


The Digital Negative: Raw Image Processing in Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop
by Jeff Schewe

eBook with hands-on techniques for maximizing image quality using RAW. Real-world examples illustrate how best to maintain image tone, contrast and sharpness.



View Camera Technique
by Leslie Stroebel

A great clear and comprehensive guide to large-format. This is a classic book and provides all the information needed to use a large format camera.


Langford's Advanced Photography
by Michael Langford

Advanced and technical explanations to many aspects of photographic production. Ideal for serious students, professionals or technically-minded enthusiasts.


The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography
by Michael Peres

Edited by faculty from RIT, this is an indespensible technical guide and index to every aspect of photography. Updated many times over the years, the current edition includes a huge amount of new material relating to digital imaging.


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