Darkroom Lab Timer - User Guide


How to Share/Export/Import from My Times

Note: the SHARE feature works exclusively on your MY TIMES database, the TEMPLATES database is not affected by this procedure.

From the MY TIMES menu click the Share button. SELECT or DESELECT the data you wish to share by tapping the GREEN CHECKMARK next to each entry. Click the SHARE button. Using the mail client on your device, fill in the address field and SEND the message to any recipient(s).

OPEN the email message on your device to import the data (if you prefer to store the data as an archive for future use you can open the message on your desktop machine and save the attachment to a folder). CLICK or VIEW the ATTACHMENT. Select the Darkroom Lab Timer App to open the data file. Choose to ADD TO MY TIMES (append data), or REPLACE MY TIMES (erase and overwrite).

ANDROID users: recent versions of the Android OS have changed the way files are recognized and imported. On some devices you will need to save the MyTimes.dlt file to internal storage (NOT the SD Card) in order for the file import to work. If you cannot install directly from Gmail, save the file to internal storage and navigate (via Files, or using any file manager app) to locate it in the file system (usually in your Downloads folder), then click on MyTimes.dlt to start the import process.

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