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Photo Shotlist - User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

For specific usage questions read the Instruction Manual

System Requirements

  • Photo Shotlist has a minimum system requirement of Apple iOS 9.0 or higher. It works on all iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads.

App Name

  • Photo Shotlist was originally called Shotlist Assist. As of version 4.0 we completely recoded the app and added a new auto-incrementing Shotlist section with built-in presets.

Who created this app?

  • The app was originally created and designed by Brett Munoz. Digitaltruth Photo Ltd acquired all rights to the app in Feb 2014.

iCloud Back Up

  • The app performs a full back up to iCloud on launch, although this feature can be disabled if you prefer. Please note that this is a back-up function only and data is not synced between devices.

Desktop Integration

  • Although there is no desktop version of the app, you can export your data (as csv, pdf, jpg) and import into any suitable spreadsheet or database program.

Are there versions for any other platforms?

  • An Android version may be available in future.

Can I send the app to someone as a gift?

  • To gift the Apple version of the app to a friend or family member, follow these instructions: Gift the app

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