august 28, 2012 09:30am

Kodak to Sell Film Business

0812kodakfilm.jpg After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the start of the year, Kodak has now announced its intention to sell off various parts of the company including the consumer film division. Kodak intends to complete the sale in the first half of 2013. If the price is right we can expect to see one of the other major film manufacturers step in and take over production, so hopefully this is good news and the future of Kodak films will be secured.

More details on this story: Wall St Journal

may 08, 2012 07:05pm

Tetenal Back in the USA

0512tetenal_logo.gif PRESS RELEASE

Freestyle Photographic Announces Exclusive Distributorship Agreement
of Tetenal Black and White and Color Chemicals

HOLLYWOOD, California ----------- May 7th, 2012

Freestyle Photographic Supplies announced today that it has signed an agreement with Tetenal of Germany naming Freestyle the exclusive North American distributor of the Tetenal specialty line of black and white and color chemicals.

This agreement is the result of an extensive search conducted by Tetenal to identify a partner committed to expand and properly service their existing customer base, as well as fully support and strengthen their brand position in the U.S market. “Freestyle is and will always be fully dedicated to supporting traditional companies that fully support black and white photography and Tetenal is one of the most respected brands in the photographic industry known for producing some of the highest quality chemicals in the world,” states Gerald H. Karmele, Freestyle’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

Starting in June, 2012 the full range of Tetenal products including the popular C-41, RA-4 and E-6 color chemical kits along with the legendary black and white film developers such as Neofin Blue, Emofin and Ultrafin Plus will be in-stock and available.

march 27, 2012 12:06pm

Lytro Light Field Camera

0312lytro.jpg The Lytro is part of a new generation of Light Field cameras capable of capturing light traveling in multiple directions through space. By collecting this directional data, the user is able to refocus and change the perspective of the scene after the picture is taken, as well as switching between 2D and 3D views. The ability to change focus and perspective affords incredible possibilities when compared to previous generations of image-capturing equipment.

Based on technology developed at Stanford University in the late 1990s, Light Field capture removes the need to focus at the time of shooting, thereby eliminating shutter delay caused by auto-focus motors. Traditional camera parts are replaced by software, and the refocusing can be done at any time after capture. Check out the Picture Gallery on the Lytro web site where you can refocus images on the fly:

Lytro web site

january 06, 2012 11:17am

The End of Kodak?

0112kodak_oldlogo.png The Wall Street Journal today reported that Eastman Kodak Company was preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

It remains to be seen whether the company will eventually be declared bankrupt, but it is widely believed that the protection offered by Chapter 11 will enable Kodak to achieve a higher price for the many digital patents it currently owns. The successful sale of these patents could allow the company to survive in some form, but it is more likely that the various viable parts will be eventually sold off.

During recent years Kodak has shed large numbers of its workforce and streamlined its range of traditional photo products. In the long run, whether Kodak as a company survives or not, there are likely to be multiple potential buyers for its film business.

Wall St Journal article

october 17, 2011 12:15pm

Harman Titan Pinhole Camera

1011harman-titan.jpg Harman Technology, the manufacturer of Ilford film and paper, has recently announced the launch of a new large format pinhole camera made from injection-moulded ABS.

The Harman Titan Pinhole Camera has been created in conjunction with Walker Cameras, UK manufacturers of traditional wood and brass field cameras as well as the first company to produce an ABS mould-injected plastic large format camera, the Walker Titan SF.

The body is designed to be highly durable and includes all stainless steel fittings, a non-slip coating, built-in spirit levels, tripod mount positions and an accessory shoe.

Sold as a kit including 10 sheets each of Ilford Delta 100 film and Harman Direct Positive paper, as well as a Pinhole Exposure Calculator. The camera is due to be released in the UK later this month, but strong pre-sales orders might mean it takes a while longer before you can get your hands on one. Worldwide release is scheduled for December.

The kit model comes with a 72mm wide-angle cone, which is interchangeable. Separate cones of 110 and 150mm, which is the same focal length as on a 5 x 4 camera, are planned as optional extras. A notable omission is that no dark slide is included, so you will need to purchase one separately before you can begin taking pictures.

More info from Ilford Photo:

september 07, 2011 11:28am

New HolgaGlo 120 Cameras

0911holgaglo_fuschia.jpg Special 30th Anniversary Limited Edition HolgaGlo 120N cameras have now been released. These cameras come in four retro fluorescent colors that glow under blacklight: Electric Blue, Neon Green, Orange Burst and Fuschia Fusion. Great for taking to a club if you really want to be seen!

Click here to view all models...

august 09, 2011 01:33pm

PMA@CES Trade Show

0811PMA_CES.gif The PMA trade show and convention has been rescheduled for January 2012. The PMA show is one of the largest events in the photographic industry. Last year the event was rebranded as CLiQ, due to take place in September 2011. Partially due to the effects of the tsunami/earthquake disaster in Japan and the withdrawal of some exhibitors, the show has now been co-located with the Consumer Electronics Show.

PMA@CES will take place January 8-13, 2012 at Bally's and The Venetian in Las Vegas. For more information please visit:

june 06, 2011 11:10am

Harman Direct Positive

0611directpositive.jpeg Harman Technology, the parent company of Ilford Photo, recently released a direct positive paper intended for use in pinhole cameras. Harman Direct Positive will produce a positive print without using film or an inter-neg.

The company suggests further possible applications including use in large format cameras, making photograms, or creative printing techniques.

Harman Direct Positive is available in both RC and FB surfaces.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, contact your local dealer or email us for further details.

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